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  • I have been using Dr. Kotzé as my primary dentist since 2013. I consider her to be the BEST dentist that I have ever used. She was able to take the FEAR and ANXIETY that I had for dentists away. Her first concern was for me to place my confidence in her ability to do the "right thing" to solve all the SERIOUS dental problems that I had, and she did that remarkably well. In my 75 years of seeing dentists she has proved to be the BEST. Dr. Kotzé promised to restore a smile that my wife would love, and she did it! I would truly recommend her to ALL my friends and relatives.
    Joseph Z
  • I was very much dreading having my upper front tooth filled. In the past having this area numbed has always been very painful. I have very high praises for Dr. Kotze' who has a new method of numbing this area. It was really great - no discomfort at all!
    Dolores B
  • Excellent service! Dr. Kotzé is an exceptional dentist that treats patients with care. The staff are friendly and delightful. Prices are reasonable and the environment is relaxing, clean and pleasant. I finally found the right dentist not only for me but for my family. Emergencies are treated promptly! No pain! No tears! Thank you Dr. Kotzé
    Vivian C
  • I was very impressed with the dental care I received at 1st Choice Dental. Dr. Leoné Kotzé is a highly professional dentist and is very well informed on all new technologies as it relates to dentistry. My crown fell out and Dr. Kotzé was able to replace it with little or no pain which is important to me. The matching color of the new crown was perfect, the fee was very fair and I am a very happy patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Kotzé if personal attention both from the doctor and her staff is what you are looking for.
    Catherine K
  • Thank you Dr. Kotzé at 1st Choice Dental! I became a patient of Dr. Kotzé upon the recommendation of a friend and am so happy with my choice. She gives you the care you expect from your dentist without feeling like you are talking to a salesman! She listens and explains your dental needs. Her fees are very reasonable and it is apparent when you meet her that she cares and is an ethical person. She is not looking to get rich off "selling" you dental work you do not need (nor want). I recommend her to my friends and family in the Sarasota area.
    Charlotte H